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= Chronic Implants Wiki [{{attachment:ciwikilogo.png||width="200"}}] =
= Chronic Implants Wiki =

Chronic Implants Wiki


Welcome to this NC3Rs wiki on refinement of the use of chronic implants in neuroscience research using NHPs.

Here you can read, post and edit practical information on the design, implantation and maintenance of headposts, recording chambers and other implants. The wiki also includes information on non-invasive approaches to head restraint.

This is an interactive resource for the neuroscience community and we very much welcome new content relevant to improving animal welfare and scientific outcomes (e.g. papers, protocols, hints and tips, images and comments). Registered users can add content to the wiki themselves or email the moderator: mark.prescott@nc3rs.org.uk

Neuroscientists using NHPs, and associated veterinary and animal care staff, can register to use this wiki; please complete this short registration form and email it to: mark.prescott@nc3rs.org.uk

For further advice on using the MoinMoin wiki engine, see the Help pages.